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Hi Guys,
I'm just coming back to the sport after a long time out of the saddle...
I've got three bikes in mind and would appreciate advice.
1. Carrera Fury
2. Boardman Sport
3. Kona Cindercone.
I plan to use the bike for commuting to work through the trails in Thetford Forest, and the occasional weekend away onto simmilar grade trails but with them there hill things we don't have to many of in Norfolk.
All thoughts and advice greatfully received....


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    All are good bikes - the Fury built for a little harder riding though with the stouter frame and beefier forks.

    I would visit a Halfords and have a sit on them, and see what feels best. Spec and value wise (if you can get the Cindercone for simialr prices to the other too), there are no problems.
  • The RS tora forks on the fury would be the option for me over the darts on the Boardman and kona.
    The Boardman and carrera use Sram where the Kona uses Shimano, could be a deciding factor depending on which you prefer.

    All good bikes there though,
  • forget the carrera, its halfords own brand- cheap & nasty. I'd personally go for the Kona.
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    forget the carrera, its halfords own brand- cheap & nasty. I'd personally go for the Kona.

    No, it is not at all. It is a popular and awared winning bike, manufactured by a well known frame maker.
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    gellster wrote:
    3. Kona Cindercone.

    .....I plan to use the bike for commuting to work through the trails in Thetford Forest

    Can you get to Norwich easy?

    I might be right off the track here, but Halfords (Barker St) have a couple of 2008(?, I think) Kona Blasts (next model down from Cindercone) upstairs for £380... BARGAIN.

    Was in there this morning, looking for kids bikes.
  • If it was my money, I'd go for the Boardman, I think they're great bikes.
  • Bought the Carrera Fury a few days ago.

    I`m not an expert, but it seems a decent bit of kit to me. Nothing to compare it with, being a new rider myself. If you have any questions about it, I`ll hop to the hall and have a look lol.
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  • I just bought an 08 Cinder Cone and I love it. I bought mine from Halfrauds after getting them to price match Evans as they had it in stock however if your anywhere near Tunbridge Wells I popped into the local Halfrauds earlier today and they had an 18" and 20" 2008 Cinder Cone for £450, A blast for £380 and a Fire mountain for £280. £450 for a 2008 Cinder Cone is pretty good money!

    I've only just got back into bikes myself but I am very pleased with the Cinder Cone. It's not until you take it off the road and onto a few trails that you realise just how well it all works. I love the Hayes Stroker V6 brakes you can stop in a sixpence with one finger and the Shimano shifters are nice and smooth. I've not tried many other bikes but alot of people pointed me towards bikes with Rock Shock Toras as they are much better than the Dart 3's but I'm pretty happy with the Dart 3's. Spend a bit of time setting the preload and rebound and I think they work pretty well.
  • Thanks for some very subjective and helpfull suggestions and advice, though i did expect at least one "badgewhore" response about anything sold by halfords. I've had kona's in the past, and liked my last cindercone, but was so impressed by the spec and the price of the Fury.....Time to blag a ride from the friendly bloke in Dereham....
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    forget the carrera, its halfords own brand- cheap & nasty. I'd personally go for the Kona.

    You're a clown. Come back when you have the beginnings of a clue and try again.
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  • All good bikes. I'd plump for the Kona....but then again it was my first real bike so I'm a bit biased. It has a great frame that you can upgrade in the future if you so wish.
  • By friendly bloke in Dereham, do you mean Paul? If not, check him out. Paul's cycles is on the ind estate near Roys. Other than that, I can second the Halfords remark I was in there as well. They have got a few things in the sale. Or try Pedal revolution (bethel st) or streetwise (Nelson Street) although they are both a bit more pricey but do really good second hand stuff. I am (I'm afraid) a little guilty of being a badge whore as you put it. If I wasn't though, The Carrera gets my vote. See you on the street :)
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  • Thanks chaps,
    Tried Paul's as suggested, tried to sell me 2008 kona hoss, not really what i wanted, but a nice chap all the same. Tried pedal revolution, and also fat birds in hunstanton... what a thoroughly unhelpfull, no, arrogant salesman...
    Went back to halfords, this time in Thetford, tried the Fury, like it... Bought it!!!!
    Now looking forward to using it....
    Cheers for the good advice... :lol: