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Tear In Jacket

sgray100474sgray100474 Posts: 117
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Wore my brand new Endura Gridlock today and I decided to see how well it stood up to tarmac (after a little bollox (can I say that here?) decided to walk backwards onto the road in front of me). Anyway got a tear on sleeve and I was wondering if there any way of fixing it. Ta.


  • I know you can get Gore Tex patches for a DIY job, these just stick or iron on, I can't remember as it's been a while since I used them.

    Alos you could ask Endura if they do repairs or you could try a company called Maintain, based in Harker, Carlisle (Not sure if they are still going though) I used them a few years ago for varoius repairs to my mountaineering gear and they did an excellent job.
  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    Endura should repair it if you send it back. Failing that most good specialist Mountaineering shops will do seethrough tape that's ninja sticky. If your careful in bringing the tear together and then applying this tape its invisible (almost!)

    Is the jacket goretex?
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  • duct tape? :D
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  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    I can just see that, patches of grey tape all over jackets. You could cover the whole jacket in duct tape and that way it wont rip if you come off :lol::lol::lol:
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  • I have duct tape all over my ski pants - works a treat. Looks a bit pikey though.....

    You can get it in lots of colours though so might find an OK match!
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  • one way depending on how big the tear is is to use a puncture repair patch!!

    either that or seek out a local marin chandlers and look for 'Spinniker repair tape' or how ever its spelt! lol, normally comes in an arroay of colours and is very strong!
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  • I tend to use duct tape but on the inside... works fine and it doesn't then stick through the tiny gash.
  • I've heard Park Tool Super Patches do the trick nicely..... ... delID=7206

    I also use them on my bike frame to stop rubbing cable rub.
  • Thank for the tips guys. scale20 no its not goretex. Anyway in the end I cut the pocket off a pair of Aldi w/proof m/cycle trousers and stuck it on with impact glue.
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