Can't decide which hybrid to buy

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I am looking to buy a flat-bar hybrid as a second bike, but I can't decide what to buy.

As my light tourer road bike had 25mm tyres, I am looking for wider tyres this time (about 35mm at least) for more comfort, but ones that can still zip along reasonably fast when required. I'm really looking for a hybrid that will give me a comfortable ride and something that I can ride through winter weather and remain rust free. I'm even considering lockable front suspension for comfort, although I don't want to add unnecessary weight to the bike. Will also want mudguards and rack, although may buy separately if I can find the right bike.

I was initially looking to spend only about £300 but prepared to spend more if necessary. I have been looking at traditional upright hybrids like the following: ... b0s18p5825 ... b0s18p6684 ... gents.aspx

I have also looked at Specialized and really like the Sirrus Elite 2010 but at £650 it's a bit more than I want to spend, and I don't really see it as a winter bike. I've even considered Specialized Crosstrails which look fun, but as I don't intend to go off-road very much, if at all, I think that is more than I need.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.


  • Ive got a Scott Sportster P55, cost me £320 ish (I think their cheaper now though!) I like it, very comfortable has front suspension and still manages to zip along the roads like a good 'un, and it's got full fenders and paniers on it , so quite heavy as I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me :oops:
    That's my 2 cents,


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  • I've got a specialized Sirrus Comp (only cos the bike shop had a fab offer on) .. was looking to get the basic model.

    Have a rear rack, full mud guards and mini-panniers and it's great all year round for commuting - and has got me around quite a few 100km charity rides!

  • Hi,
    If you want a bike like that, you can't go wrong with a Trek FX. I have a Trek 7.2FX and it is a really good bike for the price. I paid about £320 for mine. I was so impressed with mine I bought an FX for my wife and a 1.5 roadbike for me aswell.
    I use my FX when it's raining and for small trips and my 1.5 for long rides and fun.

    hope that helps
  • Found a Sirrus Elite 2008 for the girlfriend on ebay, for 340£, in amazing condition.
    I'd def. go second hand.
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  • I bought a CRS 3.0 about 2 years ago and love it! Bought it at the time the new models came in, so as it was a "last years" model, it was very good value! It got me in to cycling as a serious activity. I regularly cover 40 miles at a time on it, although i've upgraded some of the chain set over the 3,200 total miles it's done!