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Tools and storage for racing

richsrichs Posts: 2
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Hi there,

With my first attempt at a race fast approaching I was looking for some advice regarding where everyone keeps there inner tubes, levers, pumps etc during the race.

I am quite keen to avoid a backpack but not so sure about the whole saddle bag thing. My thought at the moment is to keep the bare minimum in my jersey pocket but a bit concerned about falling onto those.

What does everyone else do?

Many thanks in advance for any replies,



  • get some insulation tape and use you pocket of your jersey
    tape tube and pump to your bike and other tings too if you can - However im one of those taht in a race i dont bother if i get a flat ill keep riding !! - or at least til i reach the mrs then sort the problem
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  • I just changed from a saddle bag to a Camelbak Mule.

    Much happier using a backpack and of course can get more kit in there if needed.
  • Most pumps come with fittings to put on your bike. Also did the Merida the other week and loads of people were taping innertubes etc onto their bike. Personally i use my pockets in my jersey. Another tip is to sellatape split links onto your seatpost - a tip off Oli Beckinsale in a mag a couple of months back.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I'd go for a seat pack - you dont need too much do you. I'd certainly not bung tools in my back pocket - chance they may bounce out - or if you wipe - you dont want to land on them - that could be nasty.

    If you flat- just fix it there - riding with a flat is gonna cost so much more time than letting your wife fix it for you. :shock:
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