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Hi Guys

I have been riding to work between march and october the last 2 years. This year I want to go through the winter. I have a giant SCR 3.0 which I have put cotinital gator skin tires on.

Do you think I should look at some more nobbly tires for winter riding or should these be fine?

I was also wondering about getting a new bike. My work are introducing th eCycle to work scheme so am thinking about a new bike.

Should I go for a new light carbon racing bike I thought about the <1000 focus or something similar any other suggestions? OR going for a bike to use for winter maybe a cylco cross ?focus seem to have a good one.

My thoughts are that I should stick with my giant for winter use and maybe (if i can find the money) add a light bike for spotiv use.

I guess I want to know what to do to get my giant ready for winter! I know I need some lights. I have some water proof shorts and gilet along with overshoes a head band for my ears! I need some good lights, TIPS welcome!

maybe mud guards?



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    My winter bike is a beat up single speed with 28mm marathon+ tyres and a generator lighting system. When I rode a bike with gears in the winter it used to wear out a lot of parts.

    Not sure how good the cycle to work scheme is for buying bikes on sale but of course the best time for cheap bikes is October and then after xmas. So you could ride the giant during the winter and buy a new bike for next year.
  • I've just bought a winter training bike from Ribble on the cycle2work, nice and basic for about 600 quid. I'll be commuting and training on it all through the autum/winter/spring, my nice bike will comeout the 3 sunny days we get next year.
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    Those tyres should be fine unless it is icy in which case I would recommend not riding. Mudguards will make a big difference to comfort on the wet days.

    Go carbon for summer or nice days and use the SCR for the winter. You can prolong the life of the components by giving them a regular clean but dont degrease the chain just get the worst off it and re-lube regularly.
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  • Agree. tyres should be fine. Actually, nobblies will have less surface area on tarmac, unless you are going to go XC ! ? Gator Skins or 4 Seasons are my choice for the winter. All be 25cc

    Regarding the lights, as an mtb'er as well I have a Lupine. I had 10 miles of pitch black canal path to go a long. So it could be worth adding up the cost of all those batteries over the initial outlay of a rechargeable front light. Buy some 'get you home' lights. Small LED front and rear that can just stick in your bag and weigh nothing. Can come in handy if the fog comes in !

    100% worth putting on mudguards!

    And really down to you if you buy a cheaper winter commute. I use a fixie with next to nothing to go wrong and leave the carbon for the sportives etc.

    On a personal note, I found my fingers would get it worse. hate massive gloves for lack of control, so used my silk inners from my running days...

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    Fixed gear has big benefits in icy weather too, you have a very good feel for the rear wheel traction.

    Basically the wider the better for ice although you will be pretty limited with a SCR, probably 25, maybe 28 at a pinch.

    I commute all winter on 700x25c though and do my weekend/night rides on 700x23c... the wider tyres only come out in _seriously_ icy conditions. If it is really icy you can't beat a mountain bike though.


    Mudguards absolutely yes, on the SCR I think you need Race Blades or those new Mr Crud ones also look good.

    Regarding the carbon bike on cycle to work, go for it, you won't regret it. Focus Cayo, Planet X, Boardman Team Carbon, Ribble Sportive are all good options. I am an ex Cayo owner myself and have ridden a few of the Planet Xs and they are great bikes.

    If I were you I would use the SCR for the winter and get the nice carbon racer. Don't get the cross bike, the SCR will be fine. Unless of course you want to race cross :)
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    Definitely mudguards! and personally I would try to not ride if very icy...a small spill could put you out of cycling for a longer time than missing a few days riding because of ice. I`ve never enjoyed slowly teetering along on an icy road at all :(
    Hope One LED is a good light---make sure you get good rechargeables though and carry a spare set; four power settings, max gives about 2 hours light, high about 4 . About £70 + batteries (std AA rechareables > 2500 mAh though)