Apollo Cycle Sport, Tenterden, Kent experiences?

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Has anyone got any experience buying stuff from Apollo Cycle Sport (http://www.apollocyclesport.co.uk/)? They look to have great prices on groupsets, but don't offer much description about exactly what's included, or have the usual option of selecting crank length etc. What's more, when I called them, the phone number is 'not recognised'.

Any views?



  • I'm in the same quandry. Tel no is dead and they haven't responded to the query I submitted via their website. I'm going to give them a miss.

    If anyone else has spotted the 105 triple groupset for around £350 - £380 please so post details, as I've trawler the net without success.

  • Chrissz
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    I used to use them an awful lot - they were very friendly and offered good advice. The only reason I don't use them still is that I moved from the area (I used to live in Folkestone) so I now use a different LBS :D