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Ribble Sportive. Upgrade or not?

zedderszedders Posts: 509
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I've had the Ribble Sportive for three months now. And I know there was a thing made of it when it first came out, and that many have moaned about the service, and wait etc. But I just wanted to say what a great bike it’s been in these three months. I done some monster rides. Got faster and fitter and have had no problems whatsoever. I’ve been well happy with it.

However somehow I feel its inadequate? I feel as though I need an upgrade already? Is this normal behaviour after only three months ownership? Baring in mind I told the misses that was it, and I’d save all my pennies for the new arrival.
I’ve done some OT recently and have a bit of money stowed away without the misses knowledge! So if you were in my shoes what would you do to my Ribble, other than crush it?

Obviously my knowledge is only limited but I’m happy with the Centaur, the Zonda’s etc? Am almost thinking a new frame? Madness I know – but I feel I need to do something?
Any suggestions? Or convince me I don't need to do anything just yet.
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  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    I'd get maybe better wheels or groupset? But if it's running great maybe upgrade something else instead or buy a new toy, maybe a garmin? :)

    With a new I'd expect it to last more than 3 months before you want to upgrade it but that's just me, with my bike I've had it since feb I think it was maybe march and it's being great, allthough I'd upgrade the wheels and groupset if I could afford it don't know what else would need upgrading.
  • I bought the ribble sportive back in march zedders with the standard spec centaur with khamsin wheels and do not yearn to upgrade it until the normal wear and tear demands it. Ironically I also have like you a Bianchi Via nirone with Campag spec and enjoy riding it just as much as the ribble and it is the standard alloy frame.
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    zedders wrote:
    So if you were in my shoes what would you do to my Ribble, other than crush it?

    Ride it. You haven't come up with any real reasons why you should change any of it so the only thing you know will happen if you upgrade any or all of it is that in three months you'll be back here asking more daft questions about what to change!!

    If you don't like your bike now, you'll never like any bike.
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  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,172
    What an honest poster !

    Ribble bikes are fine, I know many people who ride them, and have one mate who refuses to buy anything else..... but at the end of the day, when the gloss has gone - you get restless...!!!!!!

    The answer is (IMO)when you next buy a bike, visualize what it will look like in 3 years time. 8 years ago I brought a low end pinarello, for the same price I could have a much higher spec , but 'non prestige' bike. Thing is, for many years I thought there was no bike I could realistically own, that would be as good as the pinarello - it was still getting admiring comments many years later.

    Ive just replaced it now, with a kuota kharma, (really couldn't afford another pinarello this time) Dunno if the kharma will stand the test of time like the pinarello (the wife says it will !)

    Hope that doesn't sound snobby - some people gor spec, and aren't bothered about looks, thats fine, however I want a certain wow, whenever I open the garage door. for me that means a higher initial outlay - but I am happy with, and keep the bike longer.

    Anyway, if I were you , I wouldn't invest major cash in the bike itself. Why don't you set some targets, like a sportive, or increase your average speed over a course, if you really must spend cash, what about some fancy clothing.
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540 your pennies for some crayons for the kiddie. :wink: the meantime, ride it!
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  • Takis61Takis61 Posts: 239
    You have Zonda wheels already, right ? I have the std. Khamsin & next year I plan to upgrade these as it will make the most difference.
    I could upgrade the seatpost, bars & stem to carbon, would look good, cost me a packet, but would my Ribble ride any better ?
    Methinks a few more kilos off the rider would make the biggest upgrade (talking about myself here).
    Done 1100 miles on mine since I got it end of May, no issues at all, just changed the saddle.
    My knees hurt !
  • Change your frame and fork.
    Sell me your sportive frameset then :)

    Its a large? right?
  • skinsonskinson Posts: 362
    If you have the money then spend! I would probably go for wheels myself, fancy a set of fulcrum racing 3's, as I happy with the 7's but would like something a little lighter. What about some carbon pedals? The list is endless really..
  • +1 for riding it. I'd also tell your missus about the cash as you surprise her with a weekend away.

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  • verloren wrote:
    I'd also tell your missus about the cash as you surprise her with a weekend away.

    Yeah, get yourself to the Lakes, leave the missus behind, and go cycling for a long weekend. :wink:
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