Injured back - boooooo

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Oh the pain.

Was walking the dog this morning, went to reattch the lead and the dog tries to bolt off after something, I go one way my back and legs don't and now I'm in pain and can't ride my bike.

Worse still I had to walk in this morning and can still barely move in the office, grrrrrrrr.

Fingers crossed it'll be fine soon and I'll be back on the bike taking scalps and smiling again.
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May have to grow a beard to make up for my lack of fitness.


  • AndyManc
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    Sign of a good(bad) back problem is when you can't put your socks on :?

    I get it all the time, the worst thing you can do is stop moving, keep walking and it shouldn't take to long before you're on your bike again, whatever you do, try not to sit/lie down for any length of time.

    In fact, maybe some gentle riding if you can manage it, all my back pain disappears after 5mins pedalling.

    Oh yea, Ibuprofen works a treat, but use all pain killers sparingly.

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    Bad news GamingAddict - a GP would probably give you anti inflammatories which should help speed up your recovery - downside is they can cause an upset stomach for the first day or two.

    Like AndyManc said, as you are still mobile it's best to keep moving (so the physio told me), sitting down for too long will make a lower back problem worse.

    All the best for a speedy recovery.

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