Bank Holiday ride Pics

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So, if there is a specific thread for this, dont shoot me, I'm new here (didnt fit the commuting pics thread).

Yesterday, we went on a great ride to Richmond Park, and did a lap. Turned out to be a fantastic day :)

Some pics:

The Genesis with correct chain position :lol:

The Roasted one and I (should now help for identification at Morpth)

I like playing with the Camera


Cant believe how tame these buck are!

Roastie on the move



I may have exceeded the speed limit....

Tried to get the cycle lane sign in the pic, hard at that speed.

I think Dave has a parking problem.....


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    Roastie, you can't work a camera :P
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    prawny wrote:
    Roastie, you can't work a camera :P
    This I have been told several times.

    Of course, due to the IT police, I can't see the pics so have no idea what you are talking about.
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    Oh yes. I am famous for my artistically soft focus photos. :P
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    I couldn't get away with a hallway like that!. Have you seen the bike hoist that Lidl are selling this week for about £4.50. I have got 3 sets so my bikes can be lifted out of the way when not in use.
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    I need to get around to buying more of those wall brackets and hanging them out of the way - tho' it isn't usually like that - just because we had friends with bikes over.
  • What kind of stand/rack/fixing is that blue bike on? I need something like that.
  • What kind of stand/rack/fixing is that blue bike on? I need something like that.

    Roastie also has his race bike on the wall in the room like that. I *think* they are normal hooks with red plastic protectors on them available at most big hardware stores.....I dont think that they are bike specific. He can confirm.
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    What kind of stand/rack/fixing is that blue bike on? I need something like that.
    Ah, it is a bike rack from Hellfrauds/Bikehut - £9. The one in the passage is shortened so get the bike closer to the wall. Very easy to install, and they come with mounting screws and plastic expander jobbies so all you need is a drill and screwdriver.