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Aksiums Vs. EA50's

gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
edited September 2009 in Road buying advice
Hello - what do people think of the Easton EA50 wheels?

I don't have any experience of the easton wheel range but the higher models (EA90s) seem to be liked.

I was really after an "aksium" class wheel in campag fittings for a winter bike - but chain reaction have the E50's at the same price - £145

which would you pick and why? ... elID=40424
vs. ... elID=23225


  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    EA 50 are brilliant wheels. Hand built, strong (mine have never needed truing) and a fairly deep rim that adds strength and a little aero. Tuch better than Aksiums that to me shout "entry level" (though they are also strong).
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    i think the thing for me is that Aksiums are a bit more of a "known entity" - whereas eastons, i'm not sure of.

    im actually thinking of just buying an ambrosio cassette for 39.99 now and using the R561's I have hanging on the wall - an odd shimano / campag mix but they are decent wheels. Probably better than the aksiums actually and will be cheaper.
  • I just bought those Eastons last week. Similar needs to yourself. Aksiums are fine, but these are better (only managed a couple of rides on them). Lighter than Aksiums and seem plenty strong. As you may have read elsewhere about the Eastons, tyre fitting is tough. My thumbs are still throbbing.
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