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planet x or specialised allez elite

abr1966abr1966 Posts: 54
edited September 2009 in Road buying advice
any opinions on whether to go for the Specialised or the planet x
aluminium with carbon forks? Both around £800 although spec looks a bit better on the planet new to road biking so learning as i go with which bike i should get,



  • pianomanpianoman Posts: 706
    A close one!

    If you really want to test ride though, it'll have to be the Specialized. I know some people at the club who bought them and really like them. You can start with this bike, and then when you're ready to race, stick some "prime" wheels with super tyres on e.g. Reynolds Solitude with Schwalbe Ultremo's, and keep the original wheels and tyres as an "option" set for training and winter use.

    Good luck and happy shopping :D
  • abr1966abr1966 Posts: 54
    have ridden a mate's planet x and liked it a lot so am looking to test ride the specialized also...
  • pianomanpianoman Posts: 706
    If you've test ridden the Planet-X, then it comes down to knowledge of different parts.

    If you want custom build or Campag components, go for Planet-X. Is this the one: ... m_Alu.html

    Seriously impressive. I'd pick Campag Centaur over Ultegra, but each to one's own, and I guess Ultegra is part of the deal.

    I'd be leaning towards the Planet-X at the moment in your position.
  • abr1966abr1966 Posts: 54
    Aye that's the end for me financially so would be likely to take it with the spec as described, upgrade later... leaning toward the planet x myself,
  • I have both ...

    I love my PX and the allez has become a workhorse/hack bike.

    buy the PX

    Great club in and around the Warrington area.
  • I would say the spec usualy if we was talking top end, the Allez is good but i think planet X edges it on this one
  • juankerrjuankerr Posts: 1,099
    If you're happy with the fit, the PX.
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