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RoadMeridaBenRoadMeridaBen Posts: 265
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Right then, first of all this is the bike i own I know its not great but its good enough for the price, im thinking about getting some new rims/tyres would this make a differance to my average speed or should i just wait until the current ones wear out before replacing?

I have standard peddles would proper shoes cleats and all that censored make any differance?

At the moment im averaging a crappy 18 mph and want to get around a bit quicker, i just want to know if im struggling because of the budget parts on the bike or whether its just me :P
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  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,258
    18mph? Over what distances? That's pretty good you're not struggling you just need to ride more!!!

    Cleats would help, mainly up the hills as they allow you to pull up too but then you need new pedals and shoes obviously.

    New tyres/rims would help, but I'd wait untill you need to replace them unless you can afford it, I'd recommend some Michellin Krylion Carbon tyres, they last lots of miles and are very good against punctures and low rolling resistance. Some Mavic Open Pro's would be good unless you wanted to spend more, myself I am thinking of Open Pro's on Ultegra hubs for my next set of wheels when I need them.

    But for now, I'd just wait I mean your average aint censored by any means.
  • geoff93geoff93 Posts: 190
    Getting a good pair of shoes and cleats would probably be the best way forward, freehub is right in saying they'll be most help when going uphill, they also enable you to accelerate more quickly and sprint to a higher speed (unless you're already spinning quickly in your biggest gear).

    Tyres are probably a better bet rather than getting new wheels, the only way wheels would make you faster would a) lighter wheels will be easier on the hills b) deep rimmed wheels making you more aerodynamic.

    However as I said, I'd go shoes first.

    + 18mph is not crappy :)
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