Helmet Itch

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I'm sure I can't be the only person who gets it but doyou have any tips to reduce or remove it? Alternatively is it that my helmet doesn't have good enough ventilation?(Specialized Air Force 3)


  • stumpyjon
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    Is it in one place or all over? I find the pad on the front of my Giro Xen ends up giving me a sweat rash if I don't wash it regularly.
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  • got a buff to stop sweat going in eyes, helps comfort from helmet in every way would hate to cycle without one try it
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  • fyldesmurf
    fyldesmurf Posts: 412
    Cheers for the advice will try to get a buff before the next time i ride
  • A bit extreme I know but shaving all my hair off cured my itchy head problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!