LONDON TO BRIGHTON/piece of cake

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I will make the run tomorrow if the SW wind does not exceed forecast; will be happy to have company but intend to leave early via Putney Bridge, Sutton, Merstham....

Important question: before tackling the Beacon for the first time, where to stop for said cake.

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  • mookie
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    I remember the first time I did it in 1985. Stopped in Ditchling for a bottle of Lucozade, a Mars bar and for some reason a pint of mile. DIdn't help. Probably the reverse... Wonder if it still has 'Pantani' painted on the road at the top...
  • I used to know Ditchling well because my Grandmother lived there. The shops have changed now. I can recommend the food and beer in the White Horse (by the church). THe village is classical twee so will have cake somewhere.

    The Beacon stumped me on my old bike (made it to about 250 metres from the L2B feed station at the top before having to take a rest). Now I'm in better condition and have the awesome Pavé, it doesn't scare me so much. Especially not after the Burgess Hill Rumble yesterday.
  • gbs
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    to SH: I am hoping to be at Ditchling long before noon tomorrow so I will bypass the pub.

    Glad that you still enjoy the Pave. BTW what is yr lowest gear ratio 30/xx? Do you expect to manage the Beacon on the Pave?.
    vintage newbie, spinning away
  • I have the Compact so lowest is 34/27. Apparently 33.2 inches (Sheldon). On the old bike, the lowest was 39/23. After yesterday, I feel fairly confident about cracking the beacon on it.

    I am really enjoying the Pave. OK, I was switching up from something a bit primitive, but I like the feel and the understated looks. It is a carbon stealth bike. Also the people at Pearson's are pleasant and helpful and they're only 4.5 miles (downhill) from here.