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I've been looking at getting an upgraded bike and I'm starting to struggle about what to get. I'll use my trek as my winter/commuting bike and the new one as a sportive /nice day for a bike ride/ L2P bike
The choices are

Focus Cayo expert with sram red and mavic krysium equippe wheels for £1799.

Focus Cayo ultegra for £1290 and was thinking of upgrading the wheels from aksium to Easton EA90sl to bring it up to a similar price

Ribble nero rc with campag centaur carbon double and campag neutron clinchers for £1784

Has anyone got any ideas or thoughts on these bikes and any others I should be thinking of? I'm open to ideas from you lot.

Cheers for any imput guys and gals.
Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
I RIDE A KONA CADABRA -would you like to come and have a play with my magic link?


  • May not help but I have last years Focus Cayo Expert and have been very happy with it. I've trained, raced and done many a 100+ mile ride on it in comfort. Great bike. :D
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    Regards the Cayo. That's a lot of bike for the money. I had an Ultegra Cayo a few years ago and it was spot on. Red & Kysriums for £1700 seems like great value.