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Upgrading a groupset

SgtFinaldoSgtFinaldo Posts: 54
edited August 2009 in Road buying advice
Have been on tiagra for about 4000km, and another 2000km commuting, and have been thinking about upgrading to 105/old ultegra. Maybe even SRAM? I dont want to get my wallet raped so any suggestions?
Must go faster.


  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    am I right in thinking that your tiagra is 9speed?

    the jump to 10 will need a fair few components - shifters, cassette, rear mech (and possibly front) so won't be a cheap move.

    likewise a change to sram will require shifters, cassette, rear mech and front mech! - although at least it won't require a new set of wheels which campag would (unless you bought an ambrosio cassette - now there's an idea?)
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Don't ambrosio make rice pudding?

    I'll get my coat
  • andy162andy162 Posts: 634
    You can get SRAM cheap as chips. Merlin cycles, JE James & Wesrbrook Cycles doing Force (09) for about £600. I've got it & love it...chains are censored tho. Retail price is about a grand but I've never seen it anywhere near that price.

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