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Trek 1.9 First road bike

nikgibson_1nikgibson_1 Posts: 106
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hello everyone,
Just to let you know i picked up my first road bike on saturday (as per title) a Trek 1.9 with Look Keo sprint pedals and Shimano RO85 shoes. Feeling abit nervous as ive never used clipless pedals before.
Anyway im just about to go on a proper ride to test it out and i'll let you know how i get on.

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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Good for you, practice those pedal in and outs though and anticipate junctions, stops etc. :)
  • I got the 1.7 with the same pedals, enjoy the ride its good. I made sure for the first few rides I had the pedals clipped out as I approached junctions or traffic lights.
  • JayoxfJayoxf Posts: 16
    Join the club mate. Got my first road bike last Thursday and on Saturday clipped into my pedals for the first time. Ten feet later I was on my side with £1400 worth of bike on top of me and a graze up my right arm - I hadn't even got off my driveway!
    After that though it was all plain sailing and the difference clipless pedals made to my ride was incredible - the best bike ride I've ever had, and thats from an experienced commuter cyclist. Good luck and enjoy it - hope the ride goes well.
  • pjhpjh Posts: 204
    edited August 2009
    Hehe - nice one.

    Prepare to fall off ... we all do :D ... commonly called a 'clipless' moment where you come to a stop forgetting you're clipped in and then ..... woaahh ..... sh*t ...... over you go :D

    I swore it wouldn't happen to me and it didn't for about 3 months and then one day I pulled up to the local post office thinking about what I needed to buy ..... promptly fell off sideways right in the doorway.

    Frightened the old lady to death coming out of the door :oops:

    Now where is that hole for me to crawl into ! :D

    (Actually it's happened twice come to think of it! Fell off my rollers in the garage, landed on the wifes bike and buckled the back wheel :( ... luckily she doesn't ride it !)

    It's great to be .....
  • MothymanMothyman Posts: 655
    how'd the first ride go?
    its a lovely friend has one...he's quick on it yet comfy over distance

    have fun
  • The ride was FANTASTIC, but let me give you some background first.........
    my brother, sister and me all ride on a sunday and been doing this for the last 7 or 8 weeks, starting at 5miles and building up every week to the point where last week we jumped from 14 miles up to 20miles but i started to struggle at about 16miles but anyway made it to the end in a dismal 2 hrs :( .
    Now to the ride today, WHAT A BREEZE!!!!!!!! could not believe how easy it was! again done 19.5miles in 1hr 40mins and i recon i could have done another 10miles easy.
    Clipless pedals were good as long as i concentrated on remembering to unclip as i approached lights or junctions which really worked UNTIL i got right outside my house.
    I unclipped my left feet but at the same time was trying to stop my match and then fell to the right :oops: but atleast im now a member of the club :D .
    Dont say \'Can\'t\', just add \'ry\'
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