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Help With Finding Good Training Routes in Oxford

JayoxfJayoxf Posts: 16
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Sorry if this is a bit area specific but I'm looking for some tried and tested routes in and around the Oxford area. I'm looking for a mix of challenging and interesting rides that will help me develop my fitness and endurance, as well as give me some nice scenery to look at!
Any ideas?!


  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    I've not ridden there but there are some lovely roads between Oxford and Aylesbury that are worthy of a training reccy.
  • have a look on

    set the map in your area and click find on map. this should give you routes where you want.
  • Fab FoodieFab Foodie Posts: 5,155
    Hi JayOxf

    I'm based in Abingdon so not far away.
    How far did you want to ride? There are plenty roads worth riding 360 degrees out of Oxford. No mountains but there are some interesting climbs to be found too. One of the Oxford cycle clubs has routes on it's website that may be useful. You could always call 'em up for suggestions.

    From here we often do a nightime 25 miles going into Oxford via Kennington/Cumnor-Botley or Bayworth-Boars hill route depending on mood and hill climbing needs, race around Oxford via Woodstock Cowley and Iffley roads, sometimes loop out through Wolvercote and then back home through Botley and up either Cumnor hill, Hurst hill rise or Westminster hill to Cumnor and back to home. Good evening run, varied terrain, little traffic, good sights, sounds and smells.

    Daytime, take a trip SW out through Abingdon to Wantage and on to White horse hill, 2 climbs up for fun, then home through the flatlands of Uffington and the Hanneys, a good 50+ miles from Oxford. For fun you could loopp back to Wantage via lambourne, very scenic.

    Go out through Woodstock to the Cotswolds, Hook Norton, Banbury and home choosing your own backroads..
    SE loop out via BMW through Wheatley and Horsepath towards Thame, Chinnor and up Chinnor hill (fab climb!) to Bledlow ridge, Stokenchucrch, Christmas common, Britwell hill (weeeeeeeeeee) and home via either Benson or Stadhampton.

    Good back routes down to Henley and back too. Get a map and have fun! Join a club.

    If I can be any more help catch me over at Cycle chat, I came here briefly to read a review and saw your thread.


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  • JayoxfJayoxf Posts: 16

    Thank you so much for the help. I live about 3 miles from Abingdon so all of those routes are good for me. Can you let me know which club site has the routes detailed? I'm looking to build up to maybe tackling a sportive next spring/summer (maybe the Blenheim Palace one in 2010). Any advice gratefully received by this newbie!
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