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Traffic lights to be switched off in safety experiment

megillelandmegilleland Posts: 786
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In today's Sunday Telegraph.

"A swathe of traffic lights are to be switched off across London in an effort by Boris Johnson, the capital's mayor, to smooth traffic flow".

"The experiment will start with a set of lights about 100 yards from Westminster Abbey, at the junction of Victoria Street and Strutton Ground.
It will entail monitoring the junction over a six week period with 12 closed circuit television cameras and eight number plate recognition cameras.
For the first two weeks the lights will work normally, for the following fortnight they will be switched off, before being put back on for another two weeks.
The behaviour of motorists and pedestrians will be monitored at both this junction and one about 100 yards to the west".

Does anyone cycle through this junction? Note they are only monitoring motorists and pedestrians - not cyclists! Will it work?
The more you spend - the faster you go - the less you see.


  • Will it work- of course it will. All it requires is the majority of London motorists to drive with awareness, alertness, patience and courtesy. Oh hang on.......
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