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fork bearing problem, doesn't fit?

webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
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Hi all,

I decided to upgrade today from my standard bearings in forks to casette bearings.

Stripped down the forks and took the inserts out of the frame then commenced to put the new bearings in.

When i tried to put the 2 inserts in the frame they simply do not fit. probably about 2mm bigger than the frame, it would seem to me theres no chance that its going to fit in.

Anyay has anyone else had this problem , or can anyone advise? I'm going to take pics of the assemled bike with the new bearings, so that you can see exactly where problem is.


  • LardLoverLardLover Posts: 676
    Pics would definitely be a Brucey-Bonus :wink:

    Did you buy 'just' new bearings OR new bearing cups?

    If bearings only, then they are specific to the headset.
  • webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470

    I bought a whole new headset.Ill have pics in a second LardLover
  • webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
    note that I compared the parts marked in blue with the old ones that WERE inside the frame... the new ones are noticably a mm or 2 bigger than the old ones?

    generally speaking my concern is going over some sorta speed bump then one of them dropping into place... cause if 1 goes into place, the other one will go loose, and I suddenly have a very very wobbly bike.
  • LardLoverLardLover Posts: 676
    Hmm, I see what you mean. My suggestion is if you don't have a headset press then a trip to your local bike shop with a packet of biscuits and ask them to fit it for you.

    I'm not that familiar with integrated headsets, but I presume they'll be a standard diameter ala 'normal' headsets, and so will need pressing in to the frame.

    You don't have a length of threaded bar, a couple of big washers and a couple of nuts to fit said bar do you? :?

    (I doubt my old desperation fit of a block of wood and a heavy hammer will work on an integrated headset :shock: )

    I wouldn't ride the bike like that though, god know what would happen!
  • webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
    nah I tried the hammer and wood method, I failed myserably.

    My dad has suggested an alternative idea tho... put wood underneath and on top - then get a big clamp and keep winding in until the pieces pop into place, what ya think to that?

    I'll google headset press and see what comes up.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Are you sure the headset is compatible with your frame? If the cup looks 2mm too big - are you sure you haven't got a 1 1/8" headset for a frame that needs a 1"? I wouldn't try forcing it - you could split your headtube and wreck the frame
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  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    If you had cups before then its seems like your frame is not an intergrated headset.
    From your pics its looks like your trying to fit an intergrated headset into a standard frame.
    It seems you may have bought a headset like this
    When you should have got one like this

    You also need to be carefull about the stack height of the headset, if its smaller you'll need to add spacers if its taller you could be in trouble.
  • I could be wrong here but your frame may not be designed for a intergrated head set.
    if you had to knock out cups that the original bearings sat in then your frame is not designed for an intergrated headset
    You shoud not need to press intergated bearings into the frame .
    Do you have some photo's of the headset you took out .
    Also bear in mind that there is a few differant shapes of intergrated bearings so not every bearing fits every frame.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    The flared headtube would suggest an integrated headset, but there are many different types. A press-fit tolerance should be 0.2- 0.3mm - anything more is not press-fit and 2mm is incompatible!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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