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How many Bikes do you have ?

SpokejunkieSpokejunkie Posts: 40
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Have only been riding just over a year , got into it to add to my other activities and got completely hooked and ride most days and in between seeing the girlfriend and family as many weekends as I can. Have just got a Rockhopper expert 09 from my local Evans Store after deciding I wanted to upgrade from my Hardrock Pro 09 and have really noticed the difference in how these steeds handle and am keeping the Hardrock at the girlfriends as she has an older Raleigh MTB that she still uses( sometimes) so thinks it will encourage her to use hers more with us not having to get get a car rack etc . Not sure I will get another next year otherwise I will need a bigger house. Has anyone else seen this sport start to consume their lives and spare income ??? :)



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