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routes/trails near wigan

pikerpiker Posts: 353
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Anyone know of any trails or decent routes around wigan and surrounding area.Need some experience and fitness building before i go further afield.


  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    winter hill (rivington) has plenty off trails and is not a million miles away from wigan..

    i tend to be up there most saturdays,... if you needed some guiding...

    or just use google earth or a os map to plot a route local to you,. theres always bridle ways and trails in the local area...

    what part of wigan.

    or lee quarry at bacup nr rossendale. is a good place to build up your fitness. not to long but has plenty of climbs and some good teccy decents.

    gisburnforest is around a hours drive from wigan and has some good trails..

    north wales has some amazing trails and again is only around a hour or so drive..

    lakes you could be there with in a hour to 2 hours drive.

    and the peak district to..
    assuming you have a car that is... or van...
  • pikerpiker Posts: 353
    Thanks delcol,i have been recommended gisburn forest and am going to give it a go.Will also try the lakes and n wales when im fit enough to make a weekend of it.Rivington sounds good,any suggestions for a couple of begginer routes around rivi.
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    lee quarry is only around 4 mile loop not long but has some climbs to test and stretch your fitness...

    took some finding but i got there in the end, this is the route i used to do when i first started going up rivi on my bike, then just got adventurous and explored, it's hard to get lost up there...
  • If you fancy a short spin round Rivi tomorrow morning, be at the bottom barn for 8.45.
    Frank Yates
  • GrippyGrippy Posts: 4
    Good trail from dodd lane on a6 across road from India gate. Follow track down until you see an opening to your right, over a little wooden bridge follow it round over a stone slab bridge follow edge of farmers field up a bit of a hill then carry on the trail down some steps (which you can ride down) turn left at end then go through borsdane woods
  • GrippyGrippy Posts: 4
    There is also a down hill trail at the hindley mill lane end of the woods ( America wood) go through tunnel over first bridge keep going till you see a bridge to your right, across it up the steps and go right. You will see the trail but if you look up the hill to you left you will see the down hill section with berms and drop offs
  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    Aren't they footpaths though?
  • GrippyGrippy Posts: 4
    You can ride anywhere in there. No signs up anywhere saying you can't and loads of people ride there. Been riding round that area on and off for 20 odd years with no complaints. Any how my wheels are my feet! Ha ha
  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    Rode past today on the way back from Rivington. Was thinking of nipping down but was knackered. Will have to search it out sometime
  • GrippyGrippy Posts: 4
    Found some jumps that someone has started to build in borsdane wood this morning.if you cross wooden bridge near waterfall and go up hill to your left and follow trail at edge of farmers field you will see them. That's if your interested in jumps and stuff.
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