Lubing parts other than chain.

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Being new to mtbing I currently don’t own any lubes, oils, sprays, degreasers etc other than what you would expect to find in the average garage (WD40, engine oil, white spirit, petrol). So my mission for the weekend is to go and buy (or order online) the stuff im gonna need to keep my bike in tip top condition.

After reading many previous threads on here I have decided to give that squirt stuff a go for the chain, so my question is what do I need to get to keep the other parts suitably lubed.

As far as I can gather, and feel free to correct me if im wrong, I should be putting something on my front and rear mech pivot points, brake lever pivot points and fork stanchions. Now from what I have read most people seem to be using their chain lube for these but I am assuming that I cant use 'squirt' in this way, so is there something I can buy that will lube everything else ie one product to do it all? I was thinking of using GT85 for the pivots but then read this isn’t good for the fork seals.

Also, is a drop of petrol suitable for completely degreasing a chain? Is it essential to grease your seat post and pedal (or anything else for that matter)? Any suggestions on a decent, cheapish grease?

All help and advice greatly appreciated as always.