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Great North Bike Ride

janetthompsonjanetthompson Posts: 82
edited August 2009 in The bottom bracket
Anyone else doing this on Sunday? It's my biggest ride yet and I'm dead excited. (I'm clearly very juvenile). Anyway, if you are, see you there!

Not lost, just exploring...


  • gazza_d1gazza_d1 Posts: 53
    Thought about it, but unfortunately not as I'll be out with mates from work on saturday, and cannot get 2 passouts so close together!!! That'll probably be my second longest ride for years though.

    Good luck though! Understand why you are so excited, as on Saturday I notched up 33 miles, which was my longest ride for about 7 years!! coincidentally I used to know a Janet Thompson from Darlo many moons ago.

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