Commercal combi s

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Hi all ,

I have got a combi s and was just wondering what sort of riding this bike could handle.

I am useing it on some north shore near me and intend to use it at the UK Bike park in Blandford.

Would it be able to handle this sort of ride?

What upgrades would you make?

Cheers in advance.



  • BurtonM
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    The travel is 100mm yeah? I think thats the same as my meta 4.2 which i use for XC riding with small drops etc etc. It will be able to handle northshore no problem and as for the bike park, steer clear of the downhill parts in my opinion, and do the bridleways etc etc.
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    That's like saying i want a door for my car that doesn't meet the roof, because I once had the wind blow it shut when I was getting in, and I had my head squished between, well, the door and the roof.