Replacing a 9sp chain?

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I want to replace my old chain on my 9sp bike. Can I just replace it like for like with the new one? If I can’t should I just count the number of links the old one has got and make sure that the new one has the same number? The old chain is Shimano, the new one KMC.

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  • Smokin Joe
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    You will need to take some links out. This useful programme saves you the bother of (mis)counting the links on your current chain - ... hcalc.html
  • amaferanga
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    Just lay them side by side, no need to count links. The old one will be slightly longer for the same number of links due to chain 'stretch', but it'll still be pretty obvious how much you need to remove from the new chain.
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    Just so you know....Had to change mine last week(replaced with a KMC).Went on fine, then took it out for a quick spin, only to find the chain slipping on the cassette. Posted about it here and found out that the cassette & chain can "mold" themselves together,the result being that the new chain cannot get a grip of the old cassette. One new cassette later and everything's fine.