Beginners MTB Hardtail Advice

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Dear all,

I've recently been taking up XC riding with my friend and now starting to get into it. However, the bike I have is no longer suitable as it is a cheap christmas bike.

I'm looking for a new bike with 100mm travel on the fork and Disc brakes.

I've been looking at

Mongoose Tyax Elite 2009: ... _Bike_2009


GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc: ... _Bike_2009

My budget is at most £320.

If you could help me and give me some advice on starting out it would be very much appreicated.

P.S. Has anyone used 'winstanleysbikes' before and if you did let me know how t he service was as I have seen some 'dodgy' websites out there.

Thanks again,