Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford - 30th August

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Is anyone doing this?

I have signed up for this and looking forward to it. Did it last year and it was a great event. Very well organised, choice of 3 distances - 50k, 100k, 160k. Loads of food at the feedstations, which were indoors. Well sign posted, beautiful scenery.

Advanced entries are closed, but they are taking entries the day before and on the day.

I only saw a handful of people from the UK at the event last year - was just wondering if there are likely to be more people trying it out this year.




  • LangerDan
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    I'll be riding it, but its only an hour down the road from me.

    Latest from the organisers is that due to the big increase in numbers (2007 was around 600 riders, 2008 around 1500, 2009 has 2300 pre-entered and anothe r300-400 expected on the day), they are trying to encourage people to register on Saturday afternoon rather than Sunday morning. For those that cannot make it to Dungarvan on Saturday, they advise being at the start an hour beforehand in case of delays at registration.

    (For anyone who hasn't entered, the fee on the day is between €5 and €10 dearer, depending on the route chosen.)

    Forecast is a bit mixed but it looks like it should be ok, for the morning anyway. Just as long as there is not a block headwind up Mahon Falls!

    Enjoy the day.
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  • airegin
    airegin Posts: 34
    Thanks for the info Langer Dan.
    We'll probably sign in on Saturday.

    Fingers crossed for good weather. I'll be in my blue Dulwich Paragon kit.

    Have a good ride