Gritty drivetrain on new-ish bike

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Evening all,

I have a Boardman Team 08 and it's the first bike since a Raliegh Activator! (Are these collectors items yet??)

I've used it 'properly' so to speak but nothing crazy or particularly muddy, just some gravelly dusty trails etc. I've just got back from a weekend in the New Forest and have cleaned it properly, wheels off, decrease, re-lube, adjust brakes etc. I'm finding that the front chainset is very gritty in it's movement, almost as if there's sand or grit on the chainring making it not a very smooth transmission feeling. But there can't be much carp in there cos I've just cleaned it!

Thinking about it as I write this, I should take the chain off and see if the grit noise is the movement of the crank or if it's chain on chainring etc.



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    yes do that.

    and then we will know what you need to do.
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