road biased tyres on MTB

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Hi - just looking for a bit of advise as I am confused.

Wanted to replace my MTB tyres which are 26 x 1.95 with some road type tyres which are 26 x 1.5. New tyres (Michelin) purchased but when I tried to fit them, they seemed too big for the wheel which on the rim tape says 26 x 1.75.

The 1.5 tyres have smaller walls than the off road tyres but my question is will only some 26" wheels take the thinner tyres.

Thanks for your help


  • mr_eddy
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    depends on the width of the rim. Although it may be 26" across there are loads of different widths from 20mm XC wheels to monster 35+mm DH wheels.

    I have a 1.75 commuter tyre on a 23mm rim. I would suggest checking the tyre manufacturer websites to see if you can find recommended rim widths.