I need help!

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I'm 14 years old, and very poor.
I love biking so much and I can never stop thinking about it! When ever a bike passes me I always look at it and see what type it is. I am obsessed with biking, but, I can't go biking any more! Because my bike doesn't work!

I have a Barracuda Jacana, a helmet that's broken that I've glued back together, some glasses that my dog has chewed, some gloves that got too small and I couldn't afford new ones so I had to cut the ends of to make room for my fingers! I have some old back pack I found in my attic for when I go biking to hold my water and food, it's ripped in places and some of the zips don't work. I take my bike to Cwmcarn as much as I can, but, after every ride I have to replace something or get it fixed. I really want a new bike! I have been saving up for six months and managed to get 180 pounds, but this isn't enough for a bike that is going to last!

I know a lot about bikes, I research things all the time about them! My life revolves around biking!

Does anybody know a good bike I can get or have any ways to make money? or know any online surveys that actually pay? Please! I cannot go on like this!


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    Paper round time fellah. Wash neighbours cars. You need money in this world go out and earn it. You'll appreciate it all the more.
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    Is there nowt on fleabay?
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    :lol: thanks for making me chuckle.

    quick ways to make money -
    * get a job!
    * sell stuff you don't need (including body parts)
    * sell/rent out family members
    * enroll yourself in a clinical trial

    all the above I'm sure have been done in the pursuit of decent bike!
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