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Stolen Red Specialized Roubaix Sainsbury's Angel £250 rewar

gavroscogavrosco Posts: 5
edited August 2009 in Road stolen
hi unfortunately my pride and joy Specialized Roubaix was stolen last night outside Sainsbury's in Angel.

I Very foolishly locked it up outside thinking it would be ok for 5 minutes but when i came out the lock was cut and bike gone. Very sad as this was my pride and joy and the best bike ive ever had.

happy to provide a £250 reward if anyone can re-unite me with it, no questions asked.
contact me on emailme:[email protected]

- Stolen at 7pm on Tuesday the 24th of Aug outside Sainsbury's , Angel Islington.
- Specialized Roubaix Expert 2007 model with zertz inserts. Ultegra Groupset but SRAM front derailer.
- X Large size, 61cm.
- im very tall 6'6 so the seat was up very high (when i left it anyway!)
- as in picture from link below except black seat and handelbar tape + new red coloured tires.

if you have a similar bike that you are looking to sell legitamately please let me know as it looks like im now in the market unfortunately.....!
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