Full Suspension To Hardtail?

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I have been riding a full suspension bike for a few years now and am looking for a new bike, but for my budget a hardtail seems to be the best option. Will this be a backward step and be much less fun to ride or just a different style?

Many thanks


  • welshkev
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    i've literally about 30 mins ago sold my hardtail. since i bought my full susser in january i've riddn the hardtail about 6 times and 4 of those were when my full suss was being fixed :D

    i definately wouldn't go back to a hardtail now unless it was for dirt jumping or something similar. just my 2 penneth worth :lol:
  • Whytepeak
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    I went from full suspention to a hardtail, then bought another hardtail.

    depending on what type ofriding you do, a hardtail can be the way forward :wink:
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  • RealMan
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    Depends on what your full suspension bike was before, and what your hardtail will be.

    But no, its a different style.
  • This argument always tends to focus around 2 points of contention, money and style; both of which are unique to every rider.

    Someone will always be dropping insane amounts of coin on a new ride and may even posess a peculiar style when compared to oneself.

    The skill really lies in how well said individual knows their own style and are then able to purchase a bike within their means that best addresses those style needs.
  • cee
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    I have both....

    I can't say which I prefer as for me they are different tools for different jobs.

    hardtail for commuting and xc
    big bike for DH or really tech trails.

    I guess that distinction is not so easy if you are talking about a more XC oriented fullsusser than mine, but...hey ho
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  • So which is best for offroad xc stuff - say my Pentand hill runs south of Edinburgh, mainly dirt and grass, fair number of climbs?

    Was about to go from a Cannondale Scalpel to a Stumpy HT Comp.
  • delcol
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    it's hard to answer as everyone is different and has their own opinions..

    i have both it depends were i go riding as to which bike i take. also what the weather is like. if it's muddy a hardtail is easier to clean and maintain.

    i am a big hardtail fan and lately i find myself using the hardtail all the time, it's good for honeing those skill... i have not had the fullsusser out for a few months..

    i personally like both bikes each as its advantages over the other,. andd i would not be with out either....
  • i have both and almost always chose my 80mm hardtail unless im riding trail centres whee i prefer my full bounce, in a nut shell think about what you ide then make the decision, perhaps a short travel full sus may suit your needs if you cant have both a full bounce and ht??
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