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replacing campag gear levers?

Philip SPhilip S Posts: 398
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I have somehow managed to shear through my left gear lever while changing up on to the big ring - I don't know my own strength - so now I need to replace it. I have a 2007 campag centaur 10 speed.

Every other element of the gear and brake levers works fine, so I just need a new gear lever.

Are campag gear levers available to buy as separate spare parts, or are they only available to buy as part of an ergopower set? And if I had to buy a set, are the centaur gear levers different to a cheaper set like mirage or veloce?



  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,134
    You can get spare parts but they are pretty tricky to repair yourself. Your best bet might be to try a Campag repair centre like Mercian cycles. They should have the parts and will fix it for you. My experience, though, was that it worked out cheaper to pick up a whole new lever (I was running Mirage 9 speed at the time ). Centaur might be pricey enough to get repaired but I imagine would be marginal (although depends on whether you can get hold of a new left hand lever).
  • caw35slrcaw35slr Posts: 439
    Mercian will repair Campag shifters.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    I did the same a few years ago - a replacement lever was about £25 - a lot cheaper than a whole new lever. You can DIY, depending on your confidence, patience and manual dexterity. Plenty of online sources of info too.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Philip SPhilip S Posts: 398
    Can't say my confidence is sky-high on this one, but I guess there's only one way to learn this sort of thing... DIY. It's probably the quickest way to get it sorted as well.

    Where did you get the replacement lever from, Monty?

    Oh, and if you could point me in the direction of the useful online sources that would be great too.

  • delstrondelstron Posts: 74
    I did the exact same thing on 2007 Centaur left lever two weeks ago.

    I'm in Derbyshire so called Mercian, they have one Campag 'expert' who was just about to go off on holiday.. To be honest, although Mercian have a good reputation and Camapg are supposed to be serviceable, I found the chap a real prophet of doom. They had no parts in stock and if they did would not repair it with any guarantee as "we have a high failure rate on the non-chorus/Record stuff"

    I ended up buying used but mint off ebay for around £50 (Veloce)
  • Philip SPhilip S Posts: 398
    I'm getting a lot of prophet of doom stuff from the LBS's I've spoken to as well - lots of sucking of teeth and worrying statements that there is no chance of getting the parts in, and if I send it off for repair it will take upwards of 5 weeks. The last lot I spoke to gave me the phone number of the Velotech, who are Campag's UK repairs/warranty people. However, I may have tracked down a second hand ergo set, which would sort me the spare parts, fingers crossed...

    How did you find replacing the lever? Looking at the exploded diagrams on the Campag website, it looks like it might be relatively straightforward, but I suspect I am being a little optimistic...
  • GragiGragi Posts: 448
    You tube has videos of how to assemble and disassemble ergo shifters. I'm not sure if this link will work ... re=related
    If it doesn't just google "You tube campagnolo ergo disassembly"

    To take the lever off is very straightforward - I was a bit nervous trying it at first as it involves an element of "brute force" although that not that brutish really.

    It basically involves small hammer, metal bar (or flat faced object - diameter smaller than the piece you need to tap out), and then some precision "tapping". All the videos show that you tap the piece out from the side of the shifter facing in (i.e. where the thumb shifter is). So you work from inside out, if that makes sense.

    As for spares, e-bay is an option, or why not post in the classified section on here? I'm sure there will be some forumites with spare campagnolo levers they may wish to part with. Merlin has already been suggested above.
  • GragiGragi Posts: 448
    apologies - I meant Mercian Cycles
  • Philip SPhilip S Posts: 398
    Gragi wrote:
    You tube has videos of how to assemble and disassemble ergo shifters. I'm not sure if this link will work ... re=related
    If it doesn't just google "You tube campagnolo ergo disassembly"

    Jesus, that looks fiendish complicated. :( I'm starting to think that this might be a good excuse for an upgrade to the 2009 Centaur ergos... :)
  • GragiGragi Posts: 448
    I've got the 2009 centaurs and they are very nice although I think I (just about) prefer the old shape - think they work better with classic shape handlebars, although the braking on the hoods is better on the new shape.

    Go for it! any excuse to buy new bike parts is a good excuse! :D
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