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afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
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...has been selected for Silence-Lotto's Vuelta team, meaning he's been chosen for all 3 GTs this year. I'm not sure, but if he finishes the Vuelta, he'd become the first Brit to do all 3 in one year, no?


  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    I think David Millar is riding too.
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    Millar didn't finish the Giro, though.
  • dulldavedulldave Posts: 949
    But Millar pulled out the Giro to ride the Edinburgh Nocturne
    Scottish and British...and a bit French
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    I stand corrected, thanks guys.
  • I'm sure he'll be delighted!

    there'll be nowt left of him after another GT!

    maybe not quite the honeymoon he was expecting, i take it evans is riding too?
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    The more attentive of you may have noticed I'm riding the vuelta. Not quite what I had planned for September, but ill give it my best try!
    Anyone else think I deserve a bonus for doing all 3 big races in 1 year?!

    From his Twitter.
    Contador is the Greatest
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