Upgrading SRAM shifters, front and rear mechs

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Hello. I just bought a Carrera vulcan disc (08) which has SRAM SX-4 shifters and rear mech, and SX-3 front mech. I've noticed the gear changes are clunky, especially up hills under load. Changing the front cogs is also very slow and cumbersome. I can't afford to upgrade everyhting, so would I get any benefit from just buying an SX-7 rear mech? Or maybe better shifters? Which part of the gear set-up would have most effect bearing in mind I don't want to upgrade all of it (the bike was only £250!)

thanks guys


  • Andy B
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    You're not supposed to change gear under load, especially uphill, it causes clunky & slow shifting.
  • Daz555
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    Upgrading front mach would be barely noticable regardless so spend your money elsewhere - if it's even needed at all.

    Personally I'd stick with what you have got until you bend or break something. Rear mech is likely to come a cropper eventually.
    You only need two tools: WD40 and Duck Tape.
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