is there a sub £1200 bike..

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with a carbon frame and dura ace components? and that would be suitable for regional crits

or is ulteggra the best i can get for this budget?
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  • gabriel959
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    You can also get SRAM Rival or Athena.
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  • acidstrato
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    yeah i've seen the planet X that comes with sram for just under a grand although i always seem to spec it out of my budget lol
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  • maddog 2
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    Planet X or Ribble might do it.
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  • sturmey
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    Planet X or Ribble might do it.

    No chance. A full Dura Ace groupset is at least a grand on its own.

    You can get a Dura Ace bike from PlanetX for £1600 (unbuilt) or a Dura Ace bike(different frames available) from Ribble from £2k (built)
  • acidstrato
    acidstrato Posts: 945
    yeah seems like i couldnt find anything because it was abit too optimistic

    ahwell hey ho
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  • bexley5200
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    durace groupset is a grand
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  • Takis61
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    Ribble did me a Sportive with Centaur & they had an Ultegra option, both arouund £1K.
    Then there is Boardman with Sram (of you can find any stock).
    But Dura-ace at this price is an absolute no chance.
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  • acidstrato
    acidstrato Posts: 945
    yeah i only asked as ribble did do a version of the sportive with dura ace kit for 1299 back in 07 but it seems last years and this years dura ace stuff is more expensive and they've also increased the price of the old stuff. never mind i'm gonna wait for some offers to come up over the winter and prob just go for ulteggra and just upgrade what i want when i need it

    ta anyway guys
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  • kingrollo
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    Bear in mind that ultegra 2010 - is quite an upgrade from ultegra 2009 - you may therefore get a good deal on ultegra 09 , (as I did) - but Ultegra 10 looks the business - hidden cables etc