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First outing with the 2010 Toras

KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
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So we went to Llandegla yesterday for my first 'proper' outing on suspension, I waved goodbaye to my Surly Instigators as me and the Toras drive away... :cry:

We tackled all of the black sections there (I know that these are quite tame in relation to other trails) and the dirt jump section too, and although the DJ was done with the fork on lockout (I know I am a complete tool) I had a blast.

I was pleasantly suprised at how the Toras felt on the whole, took alot of sting out of my forearms and I am sure the bike frame too. According to my 'Travel cable tie monitoring system' I bottomed out around 5 times, of which one was actually noticable (quite a loud 'clang' noise) does this mean I need a firmer spring?

So in short, the forks were great and though I hate saying it; I may be a suspension convert :shock:


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Spring stiffness is set according to sag. That is, how much the fork compresses when you're just sat on the bike.
    For the Toras, I'd guesstimate around 20% of the total travel as sag should be ideal.
    If they sag more than that, then you need a stiffer spring, les, and you need a softer spring.
  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    I got it to 20% sag, but that involved setting the preload to full (I am 16st), So I think I need a firmer spring. Does anyone know what spring comes as standard in them? or will I need to pull it out to check?

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Ah, yes, if you're 16 stone, you probably will need a firmer spring.
    I'm 15-ish stone, and have the same problem with coil forks/shocks.
  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    Cheers yeehaamcgee, Is what I thought.

    Anyne got any idea what coil will be default? If not I guess I will just pull them apart and take a look. :D
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