bmx peds on MtB?

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Was just wondering if any of you people use bmx pedals on your mtb. i use a pair of gt flat bmx pedals on my hardtail and have to admit they work very well.
They give you that extra comfort riding to your local trails on the road and great grip when you hit em.
If you are stuck for choice and need to ride far to get to the trails then i would highly recommend them, even if they dont perform to their best in bad conditions.
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  • supersonic
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    If they have the correct axle width, yes. Most BMX are 1/2inch. MTBs are 9/16. You can get the same designes in either anyway.
  • P-Jay
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    DMR V8/V12's were originally/are BMX pedals, and probably the most popular in the MTB world.
  • nicklouse
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    Most BMX pedals are 9/16th

    only cheap BMX with one piece cranks have 1/2" threads.
    P-Jay wrote:
    DMR V8/V12's were originally/are BMX pedals, and probably the most popular in the MTB world.

    like calsberg.
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  • supersonic
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    "only cheap BMX with one piece cranks have 1/2" threads."

    Which is why you still see loads of them ;-)
  • MeddlE
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    I use a pair of Gusset slim jim copies, which is a BMX pedal. Also like the Odyssey Jim C pedals but they are heavier.
  • boogercj
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    +1 for Gusset Slimjims. They fookin' massive, great if you've got great big clown feet like me :)
  • bomberesque
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    I ride flatties when either doing uplift DH stuff or when tackling trails at the edge of my confidence. they give me the extra platform and confidence that if I lose footing on the pedal, I'll get it back.

    I still ride almost all trails and XC on clipless though. If I could find a good mix I would go with that, but I've not done so yet so I content myself with swapping them out depending on the day. Probably Flatties 10-15% of the time, Time clipless the rest
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