Need some advice

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I am relatively new to road cycling, I picked up a 2nd hand GIant Peloton 7200 for £50 about a year ago, which had a shimano rsx groupset and rode very nicely indeed. I saw recently a Fausto Coppi frame for sale on ebay and decided I would build up the Coppi by transplanting the parts from the Giant onto the new frame, hence saving myself a hell of a lot of money. I have bought some deda black force 2 carbon forks 1" steerer to go with the frame and some ambrosio lite II handlebars also. The wheels, and the rest of the parts are all coming off the Giant. I tried to remove the bottom bracket with my bottom bracket remover, but I found that it was an octalink bb, something which I had not seen before being quite new to cycling. The problem which I have is that my previous chainset was square taper and it will obviously cost much more to buy a new chainset than to replace the bottom bracket. The only problem is that the bb cups are so tightly screwed in that I cannot get them out! This is obviously a minor stumbling block, but I don't particularly want to take it to a bike shop because they will charge me too much for it. What tools are needed to remove this blasted octalink bottom bracket?! Thanks in advance. :P