Touch up paint for Madone pearl white?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know where to get some paint that will match the pearl white that trek uses on it's madone range?

Got a chip on the seat stay which is driving me mad.

Tried Halfords to see if there is any of the car colours that will match but no pearl whites in any of the touch ups.

Bike shop said get some enamel paint but round here model shops are thin on the ground.

So at the moment it's touched up with nail varnish, still couldn't get a pearl white enough.

Any ideas?


  • Wappygixer
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    Try a paint shop, the sort that mixes paint for the industry.
    Most can even put it into spray cans for you too.
    Take your bike or part and they can match it up.
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    How about asking at a Trek dealer or ask Trek direct, it must be quite common to touch up paint chips :D
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    Aaah, I thought you were offering me a pearl Trek Madone if I let you touch me up. :shock:
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    topdude wrote:
    How about asking at a Trek dealer or ask Trek direct, it must be quite common to touch up paint chips :D

    I contacted Trek with this question for my Madone.

    They told me to go to an auto shop and get some paint there - they don't sell touch up kits, etc.

    So I went to Halfords and got some white paint there. Or you can try a model shop - where they sell paint for model airplanes, ships, etc. That works also.

    Touch up paint will look good from a distance, but not up close - no matter how you do it.
  • 320DMsport
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    Cheers for reply's.

    There is a local place that used to do touch up pots and mixes to match.

    Not sure if they are still doing them though, will enquire tomorrow.

    I know what you mean about the close up but just need to get the right shade not to white, i've given the chip several coats and flatted it off between coats with 1500 grit wet and dry which has filled the chip nicely but wrong tone really.

    I've put some small Madone stickers down the seat stays to help disguise it but would like to repair it better.

    I've just emailed trek before re reading the thread.