LBS that will pricematch webprices?

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Would anyone care to name a LBS near to them that will price match the cheapest online price for components/clothing etc. without having to be a longstanding/loyal customer first.
Only ask this because Evans and Cyclesurgery will do this without a quibble (even if their advertised web price is massively different) and I don't personally shop for bikestuff anywhere but online now because asking for discount at my LBS's has in the past caused offence.

I can see all the positives in having a good LBS -but you don't find them everywhere these days.


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    I went into a Cyclesurgery last year to buy a helmet, it was cheaper on their website by a fiver, I mentioned this at the checkout expecting them to match their own web price, not a bit of it, the guy looked down his nose at me and said " if you want the helmet at £85 instead of £90 you'll have to order it online". Safe to say they lost that sale and many subsequent sales........
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    If you do all your spannering yourself and aren't particularly interested in being mates with other cyclists locally, then I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want to buy everything on line. If you're like me though, and sometimes want to get stuff fitted, sometimes enjoy a chat or the odd ride out with a different bunch of people, I'd say it's got to be worth the odd extra fiver here and there. A good LBS will be there to get you out of a hole, and if you show them a bit of loyalty they'll show you it back, as you suggest. In actual fact mine (Streetlife in Norwich) can usually get pretty close to online for most things, and they've even been known to fit the odd silly-priced Merlin purchase for me if they can't get anywhere near it. You must be going into different branches of Evans and Cyclesurgery than me, but I can't imagine them doing that in a million years.
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    I quite often get stuff cheaper than any online price from my LBS...
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    I quite often get stuff cheaper than any online price from my LBS...

    Same here.

    My LBS runs their own club. Is pretty informal, but they dabble in racing etc aswell as the usual club runs. I am in there most weekends, if only to say 'hi'. I get discount on everything in the shop, which brings most things down to cheaper than online, and if I need a favour, they will often do small jobs for free. The other week, they leant me a spare wheel while I sent my wheel off to be repaired under warranty (I bought it online). How many shops will do that?

    Needless to say, as I am now addicted to cycling and have started racing, I am thinking of upgrading my 12kg £350 bike to a £1000+ one. My LBS will be getting that sale.

    I will now only buy online if they don't have what I want.
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    At the expense of plugging my LBS' I can't fault either of them so cannot concur with your findings. However I've never asked either to match an online price as usually the prices are not a million miles away and for the sake of a few ££'s I'd rather spend my money on top notch service than some faceless company (no disrespect to them mind).

    I'm very lucky as both Phil Corley and Twenty3c are first class (Milton Keynes). Even as a new customer they are already giving a 10% discount so is a nice touch. Phil Corley did price match Evans when I bought some Shimano M520's too although I've not asked to match web prices.
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    I have asked AW Cycles in Reading a few times to match their own 'online only' price and had no problems. Have also asked them a couple of times if they can get near web prices on stuff and they have been able to get within a couple of pounds which has been good enough for me to give them the business.
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    I guess some LBS's will reward repeat customers with discounts but I doubt that they will reduce the price of EVERY product, especially if they bought it in at a lot higher price themselves.
    But the bottom line with the two retailers mentioned is that they have, without exception, (for me at any rate) matched the price of any product found elsewhere so long as it was in stock at that other retailer,be it a web only one or a high street store.
    And if I have a fault with the goods or just don't like what I've bought I can take it back for a refund to my local branch.
    Whereas if I order from W*ggle,Ch**n Reaction or R*bble I have to pay to send it back and wait for a refund-assuming they want to give me one- which is just more hassle.
    Evans had some STi shifters on their website today for £206. I managed to beat them down by over £100! And get free postage. Thought that was pretty good.

    To clarify this- my dealings with Evans have been as a telephone customer- I have not asked for discount in their stores but the same price promise applies there too. I HAVE dealt with Cyclesurgery in store and they DID price match what I wanted without a quibble.
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    Dont forget, everyone has to make a buck too. Support your local shop, if only for your everyday purchases. Especially in the current climate, we need to support local business, or else see them go to the wall. Sure we be a bitch when you desperately need that new inner tube and have to wait 2 days for it to come online!