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Just a quick post to say hi! I'm a new rider aged 46 3/4's! Had my mountain bike for little over a month and love it!

I've already come off too!



  • Welcome Gaz,

    38 and 3/4's here, been cycling for a while but had a break due to divorce and other fun stuff!

    Back in the saddle now though, although waiting for injuries to heal as a result of an epic trail fail!

    Well as they say, there's no fool like an old fool! :shock: :D

    Happy trails!
  • get in there guys im only young 27 but i find the best way to beat the daily stress is to cycle and i do 5 times a week been doing it a while too like since i was around 9

    keep it up guys !!!
    Ride it like you Stole it !
  • Stoo61
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    21 and I know what you are can yo have stress.....but I do and cycling as fast and hard as I can chill me out in no time. :D

  • just over 46 myself, don't let age worry you 8)
  • buduk
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    40 in a month and riding mtb for just under a month and loving it too even tho the wife thinks its a mid life crisis
  • willing
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    apart from a few small trips on roads with my kids when they were young,I've done hardly any biking since I was 15. I'm now enjoying steep climbs and downs,on and off road.
    I'll be 55 soon.