Jacket reccomendation

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looking to get a thermal jacket that is close fitting for autumn/winter riding. Looking at spending about £70, any tried reccomendations?

Preferably available in black, yes I know I am a screaming tart. :wink:


  • I've just bought a Gore AS Jacket, nice fit, material feels great and available in black with white bits - available from TGStore for about 62GBP.

    Very nice - just have to hide it from my wife.
  • Anonymous
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    I have a Gore Tool II in black, it is absolutely ace! Got it for 2007/8 winter for 75 quid.
    Just wear that and a base layer on even the coldest winter days, it has good pockets, vented armpits and looks pretty good too.

    You can occasionally pick them up on sale at places like Geoffrey Butler for that money.
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    Lusso Windtex is a good value piece of kit - available in black, although some have yellow panels, so you need to check what you are ordering. Lusso Jura is also good, but not windproof, so maybe not ideal for the coldest weather...
    NapoleonD wrote:
    I have a Gore Tool II in black

    you bought a jacket that says 'tool' on it..?? ;)