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Evening all. I'm Ryan, 22, from Cheshire, I am new to the riding scene and will be picking up my first bike on Sunday, which is a 2010 Specialized hardrock sport disc. I basically want to get fit(more so than now anyway,) mess about and do the odd ride with the other half. :D I'm interested in some road riding, alot of XC and the odd jump or two. Can anyone comment on the bike I have chosen? Good/bad points for a beginner? I'm more than excited on Sunday's first ride out!

2010 Specialized hardrock sport disc.


  • Andy B
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    A bit late to be asking if you bought the right bike ;)

    However it will be fine for what you want to use it for, just don't go mad on the jumps & getting big air!
  • ^^^^^^ +1 for what he said :D
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    hi and welcome to the site
  • Spira
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    Thanks for the welcome. :) Can anybody recommend any decent ride outs in the South Cheshire/North Staffs region? I have looked in the routes section to no real avail. All I can think of is Delamere forest which I have been to a few times as a kid.
    2010 Specialized hardrock sport disc.