Help with Presta valves, PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Ive Recently bought a Rockhopper expert, its got presta valves.

Anyway first thing i did was buy a couple of slime innertubes, (i swear by them) changed them over. Inflated them, but they wont hold the air.

Also i brought a screw on adapter for my foot pump, so i could pump them up, but it wont inflate them . I tried it on the tubes i took out, and it inflates those ones but the pressure guage doesnt work!

What have i done, or doing wrong?

I also tried the foot pump on a schrader valve, and the pump works fine!!
So fustrating, new bike cant ride it!!!!!!! :evil:


  • Presta valves have a little "screwy uppy bit" on the top of them unlike schraeder valves, have you made sure these are done up?
  • briggs28
    briggs28 Posts: 68
    yeah ive opened the valve. Im gonna take em out and have a look. Hope i aint pinched them, at 8 quid a tube :shock:
  • Andy B
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    is the valve blocked with slime? if so push the valve a few times to clear the blockage.
  • Wheelieguy
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    I used to find with these valves when theyve been screwed up tight they stick, so when you undo the little screwy uppy thing, give it a press to break the seal otherwise it will stay jammed up and wont inflate, hope this cures your ailment!
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  • tptvmbircn
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    I drilled my rims, sandpaperd where i drilled (all done carefully!) and used car types, hate presta's

    a bit extreame but well worth it haha!
  • Rockhopper
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    I did the same when i bought a mountain bike the presta valves but i couldn't do it on my road bike as the rims are too narrow. Hate presta valves with a passion!
  • Stoo61
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    Not a fan of Presta valves either but the track pump I bought is easy to use with them. Not very practical to take out on the trail though.

    When I buy new wheels they will be car type valves.