Aero brakes

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I am using a pair of Tektro aero brakes on my new build (which has downshifters) with old Shimano 105 brakes. The cable does not fit snuggly in the brake with a ferrule.

Can I fit it without a ferrule without risk, or is this ill-advised?

I am running them with ferrules at the moment, but the ferrule is perched on the edge of the hole and I am having to using the brakes quite loose (ie the blocks some distance away from rims).

This would not matter with some wheels, but these are vintage Campag ones and pretty slippery - so my braking sharpness and distance are not what they should be. It probably does not help with these rims that the blocks are pretty ancient.

The brakes date from around 1985 when maybe furrules were narrower?