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Spec changes on my new Voodoo Bokor, is it better or worse?

custard80custard80 Posts: 27
edited August 2009 in MTB buying advice
I picked up my Voodoo Bokor from halfords yesterday and i'm very pleased with it but some things are not as the spec list. So the question is did i get better or worse gear? I'm a real beginner at this so any help would be great. This is last years model and the current spec is totally different.

Spec should have been.
Voodoo 7005 butted aluminium frame
Single speed compatible single dropouts
Marzocchi MX Pro 100mm travel fork
Lockout and rebound adjustment
Shimano Deore shifters
Shimano Deore LX rear mech
Shimano Deore front mech
Shimano HG73 chain
Hayes HFX 9 hydraulic disc brakes 180/160 rotors
WTB Speed Disc XC rims
Formula sealed super smooth bearing tube
WTB Mutanmoraptor 2.24 tyres
FSA Alpha Drive chainset with FSA ISIS bottom bracket
FSA Orbit DL headset
FSA 190LX 31.8mm stem
FSA 280 31.8mm handlebars
FSA 280SL seatpost
Alloy platform pedals

The obvious changes are
Shimano Deore SLX rear mech
Hayes Stroker Ryde brakes 180/160 as the HFX9 are discontinued.
Alex rims DP17
Maxis Ignitor max pro 60a Tyres
Wellgo pedals
Velo seat with cro mo rails but cant see any other names.

I know the brakes are better ans presume the SLX rear mech is one up but know nothing about the rest!

If any of the above is worse i can have a moan and try and get some money off. If it's better than i will be very happy.


  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    SLX is essentially the new incarnation of LX, as LX is now a "touring" groupset rather than an MTB one, so that's a step up, it's very well rated kit. The brakes, as you said, are better.

    As for the tyres, they're recommended on here occasionally, so can't be too bad, but I don't know what the originals are like, I'd be happy with the swap.

    Saddle and pedals are probably pretty irrelevant really. Don't know what the original saddle was, but doubt it was particularly great, although some of the halfords bikes come with WTB ones, can't remember if it was the Voodoos though.

    Can't tell you about the rims, but the rest of the stuff seems like an update rather than a real upgrade. So it's better because it's newer I guess, but without being a step up in the hierarchy, I'd say you've done alright with that tbh.

    "As I said last time, it won't happen again."
  • brownixbrownix Posts: 115
    by the looks of it , its all good

    but just complain anyway 8)
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Did you view the bike in store before you bought it?
  • I'm pretty sure all specs are subject to change at any time on any bike in any shop.

    Also, where did you take the spec from, halfords or the internet??

    As the voodoo bikes in halfords are Bikehut built. Not the same as you get in other stores :)
  • I did but they also gave me the spec list. I didn't take any photos when i reserved it.

    As i'm a newbie to all of this i just want to make sure their not ripping be off with cheaper bits.

    Rode it to work for the first time today and i like it. Managed to get up a hill seated instead of standing which i have done for the last year everyday :D
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    SOunds like you have got the newer model.
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