Road Bike Hire on Jersey

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I'm going to visit Jersey in the Channel Islands in a few weeks for a holiday. Does anybody know of a cycle hire shop that hires out road bikes?


  • can't say i do but look on or they are the two cycling clubs overthere and if you e mail one of them they can probably help you out, if you get the chance pop over to guernsey fo ra day or two its a much better island;-)
  • there is one in guernsey so i would imagine jersey has one
  • bramstoker
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    Theres several

    9 Esplanade
    JE2 3QA
    Tel: 736556

    is one, or i can loan you a old clunker, which will help your fitness levels as the chains rusty and the brakes stick a little :D
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  • Thank you all!

    @ozzzyosborn206 - good plan - not sure why I hadn't thought of that! Unfortunately I'm only on Jersey for 5 days or so, maybe next time I'll try Gurnsey :-)

    @bramstoker - I have looked at at that one (and a good few others that I could find online) and I can't find out how to hire a road bike from them on their web site - I assumed they don't have any. It may be worth a phone call though.

    Thanks again...
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    To be honest i havent seen any of the hire companies do "real road bikes" you maybe better off contacting one of the bike shops and seeing if they can set ya up. The cycle centre is one, baudins another and lawrance de gruchy or mark pickfords.

    Let me know how ya get on, my old scrapper is still lurking if needed :)
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