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Back on my bike!!!

toybhoytoybhoy Posts: 112
edited August 2009 in Commuting chat
Thank god!

Had my saddle and seatpost stolen 2 weeks ago and had taken my time getting replacements due to JEJamescycles taking forever to deliver my saddle then wouldn't refund me until 15days have passed before filing it as lost.

Anyways, back on the saddle today and I feel so much better at work. Folk were mentioning to me that I had been quite grumpy at work over the last 2 weeks. Didnt realise how much sitting on a bus annoys me until now! :D


  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    I've not had the best of experience with that shop myself - mainly down to 'stock' or lack of.....

    You should sue them for mental anguish of having to get public transport
  • toybhoytoybhoy Posts: 112
    Ironically I used them to save a few pounds compared to Wiggle. In the end, it cost me ALOT more than the potential saving in bus fares!!

    The mental anguish hurt more though! :D
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